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It’s hard to want to live.

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  • 4 days ago

I already said too much. I already shared too much, and I want all my secrets back. I hate getting close to people these days, I always regret sharing too much, caring too much, doing too much, feeling too much.

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To die would be an awfully big adventure.

Peter Pan

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  • 1 week ago

I would disappear in an instant if I could. Make a quiet exit from my quiet life without the blink of an eye from those closest to me. Because in the wee hours of the night I find myself desiring a silent release. Fantasies of darkness, and death have left me with little clarity. My mind has become intoxicated with depiration and numbness. These visions cloud the person I once was. And not feeling hurts much more than any pain I’ve felt in my short life.

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  • 2 weeks ago

Ode to the Razor.

Your love was no mystery.

It was a groggy, one eye shut,
Monday morning daydream,
A Tuesday’s mid-day
Depressive sigh,
A humpday evening’s exhaustion,
A Thursday bedtime’s despiration
Soaked loneliness,
A Friday twilight’s drunken,
Empty thoughts,
And fragmented interactions,
A Saturday morning’s throbbing,
Regret-filled hangover,
Your love was no mystery.

It was a Sunday sunrise;
A painkiller to my daily disasters.

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Do you know that feeling?
When you’re just waiting.
Waiting to get home, into your room,
close the door, fall into bed,
and just let everything out that you kept in all day.
That feeling of both relief and desperation.
Nothing is wrong.
But nothing is right either.
And you’re tired.
Tired of everything, tired of nothing.
And you just want someone to
be there and tell you it’s okay.
But no one’s going to be there.
And you know you have to be strong
for yourself, because no one can fix you.
But you’re tired of waiting.
Tired of having to be that one to fix yourself and everyone else.
Tired of being strong.
And just for once, you just want it to be easy.
To be simple. To be helped. To be saved.
But you know you won’t be.
But you’re still hoping.
And you’re still wishing.
And you’re still staying strong and fighting,
with tears in your eyes.
You’re fighting.

insecurity—kills—people (via insecurity—kills—people)
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